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What We Do


These services can be commissioned either project by project or if appropriate can form part of your extended team on an ad-hoc or more regular basis.


  • Understanding the market that a business operates in is vital to its success
  • This can range from macro-economic and social indicators right through to more specific industry trends and  considerations
  • An appreciation of the past will also help businesses understand how and why a market has evolved
  • In turn this can help inform how a market may behave in the future

We can…

  • Provide industry specific SWOT, PESTLE and STEEPLE analysis to support your strategic thinking
  • Create independent market forecasts as a framework for your own business planning
  • Develop different company or market scenarios for you to help evaluate alternative strategic options


  • Most company’s are looking for that penetrating understanding about their market which will unlock growth and generate revenue
  • Real market insight will feel both surprising and true at the same time
  • It has to have 3 key attributes
    • Based on credible/believable pieces of data or facts
    • Routed in consumer/customer behaviours or attitudes
    • It is a springboard for action 


We can…

  • Help identify and unlock opportunities within your existing market and category
  • Investigate adjacent markets to identify both opportunities and threats
  • Develop alternative ways by which you can segment your market and customers


  • The challenge for any business is to gain a sufficiently detailed understanding of the relationship between different elements of the market it operates in
  • This can help a business fully understand its evolving opportunities and threats
  • It can inform a business in terms of what to dial up or indeed what to stop doing altogether
  • Without analysis a business may assume things which aren’t necessarily true


We can…

  • Independently analyse your own company and brand performance as well as those of your  competitors
  • Provide analysis of key market metrics, both inputs and outputs
  • Offer advice and support on how to develop and improve the impact of your regular reporting

Other Services

  • As an independent consultancy we can also provide a range of other commercial support services and deliverables
    • Agency Management
    • Business Bulletins
    • Business Planning Workshops
    • Training and Coaching


We can…

Provide support and advice to help you

  • Review your existing data sources and outputs
  • Add value and insight to your existing reporting
  • Re-negotiate your contracts with external data suppliers
  • Improve your insight capability