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Chris is a valuable resource in a business that needs catalysts to help them take a critical look at themselves - he thinks holistically.

He is able to hypothesise in an impartial way about what the future could look like, which helps to form a view about potential alternatives directions.

Dave Preston

Director and Head of Research

Chris's drive and determination has helped the Brewing Statistics Panel expand the market data collected whilst improving its robustness.

Key has been his understanding and empathy of the wider brewing sector, challenging the status quo whilst recognising what could be achieved in a progressive and realistic manner.

Andy Tighe

Director Brewing

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I have extensive commercial experience working with and leading analysis, research and customer & market insight teams in major UK organizations.  I am highly analytical, with expertise in delivering recommendations and solitions.

Areas of strength include Strategic & Marketing Analysis, Scenario Planning & Forecasting, Category Management and Profit & Value Chain Modelling.

I am experienced at operating across all levels of organizations from individual teams through to CEO’s, with a presence & credibility to deliver results across a range of business activities.


I consider myself to be realistic and dependable, as a result of that I am able to capitalize on available resources, making me practical with a good sense of timing.  I am energetic with a systematic approach to scheduling goals on time and in an efficient and effective manner.  I can be challenging but with an ability to bring people together when required.