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Cider Makers


“We would like to live as we once lived,

                                     but history will not permit it”*


This is equally applicable today as it has always been, as Cider Makers are all faced with a similar question…

Where Will Tomorrow’s Profits Come From?


 I help answer this for Cider Makers by:

  • Size of the Prize - Strategy
    Creating cider market volume & value forecasts to identify areas of future growth
    Generating a range of scenarios to deliver different levels of profit
  • What’s Happening - Insight
    Understanding consumer & customer trends to anticipate future needs

    Looking at market & category dynamics to put company performance in context
  • Winners and Losers - Analysis
    Evaluating own brand performance to identify strengths & weaknesses
    Analysing competitors brands and categories to identify opportunities & threats
  • Action Based Reporting - Other
    Simplyfying reporting to enable management to make better informed decisions
    Re-negotiate agencies contracts to improve service levels & value for money


For more details about some of the Cider Makers I have already helped in these ways then have a look at my Case Studies and Client Testimonials .

* John F Kennedy 1963