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“Small businesses that receive support are 20%

            more likely to grow than those that don’t”* 

This is as true today as it has always been.  With over 2,000 breweries now operating in the UK and beer sales still falling, competition has never been greater.  Microbrewers are all faced with similar questions…

How to Sell More, Charge More and Lower Costs?


I help answer this for Microbrewers by:

  • Sell More - Strategy
    Improving marketing to increase customer & community engagement
    Writing compelling selling stories to secure listings with key retailers
    Understanding customer & category trends to anticipate future growth areas
  • Charge More - Insight
    Using industry knowledge & insight to help develop more premium brands

    Identifying higher value and more profitable routes to market & customers
    Looking at products or services which are currently being given away for free
  • Lower Costs - Analysis
    Analysing microbrewers value chain to identify areas for improvement & savings
    Benchmarking raw materials and utility costs and re-negotiate as required
    Providing models to improve business planning to make better use of resources
  • Thought Leadership - Other
    Running sessions to review strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
    Providing independent advice with regard to specific business decisions
    Offering training and coaching across different business disciplines


For more details about some of the Microbrewers I have already helped in these ways then have a look at my Clients page .

* Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative