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I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of all the latest trends which impact the UK economy and its consumers.  That is why I have created a range of Business Bulletins.

These bulletins provide your organisation with a single source of key indicators which are likely to impact the way in which your company, your suppliers and your customers do business.

As well as providing regular updates I also offer one-off presentations which can be used to provide key macro context to help you with your annual and strategic business planning

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Bulletin Summary Issue 102: Dec-20

This summarizes some of the key statistics from the latest Bulletins (no narrative) and is free of charge – Click Here

Executive Bulletins

For businesses that require just the headlines and highlights we offer our Executive Bulletin which is a 1 page composite version of our Economic, Retail and Consumer BulletinsExample

Bulletin Presentation

This looks at the key Economic, Retail and Consumer Spending Trends and how they have been changing over the last 12 to 18 monthsExample

Economic Bulletins

This provides numbers, narrative and graphs covering Inflation, the Labour Market, Pay and macro Economic ActivityExample

Retail Bulletins

This provides numbers, narrative and graphs covering Retail Sales, Sector Analysis, Internet Sales and the Grocery Market- Example

Consumer Bulletins

This provides numbers, narrative and graphs covering Incomes, Consumer Debt and Consumer ConfidenceExample

Bulletin Glossary of Terms

This provides useful explanations of some of the terms used in the bulletins – Read More