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Pubs & Bars


“There is nothing yet which has been contrived

     by man, by which so much happiness is produced

           as by a good tavern or inn.”*


This is as true today as it has always been.  But with up to 20 pubs a week still closing in the UK and on-trade sales still falling, competition has never been greater.  Pubs & Bars are all faced with similar questions…

How to Sell More, Charge More and Lower Costs?


I help answer this for Pubs & Bars by:

  • Sell More - Strategy
    Improving in-house merchandising to encourage existing customers to buy more
    Developing communications to attract new customers
    Understanding customer & category trends to take advantage of growth areas
  • Charge More - Insight
    Introducing realistic higher retail prices for different serve sizes

    Identifying higher margin and more premium brands to trade customers into
    Looking at introducing new products or services which customers will value
  • Lower Costs - Analysis
    Benchmarking supplier and other costs and re-negotiate as required
    Providing models to improve planning to reduce wastage and save money
    Looking at products or services which tie up money but don’t add value
  • Training & Advice - Other
    Providing independent advice and guidance on specific business decisions
    Offering staff training to improve commercial awareness and customer service
    Using industry knowledge & insight to help with future business planning


For more details about some of the Pubs & Bars I have already helped in these ways then have a look at my Case Studies and Client Testimonials .

* Samuel Johnson